Welcome to the Oil Painters Community!

Congratulations! You are one of only ten Instructors! This means less competition and a better chance of selling your tutorials!

As an Instructor you have a store for you to sell your Tutorials. You also have access to our community of artists and our forums. An excellent place to engage with potential students!

No need to mess around with trying to figure out how to use the editing suite to sell your tutorial in our store ~ it’s all done for you! Just upload your tutorials in our AWS account, upload the image of your tutorial painting to your profile photos, communicate with admin to let us know and we’ll do the rest for you! We take 10% for administration, processing and site maintenance fees.

On the top menu is your personal profile, go ahead and set up your page, upload your profile pic and your cover photo. Upload all your artwork, and create albums. You have your own timeline, as well as the Community news feed. Every time you post a new tutorial, it shows up in the news feed!

We recommend you create free tutorials up to 30 minutes long. Free tutorials lead to paid tutorials! We have a Forum Specifically for Instructors where we discuss filming tutorials. If you have any questions, contact Admin and we’ll be happy to assist you!