Please read BEFORE joining our Community.

Please be sure to read BEFORE joining our Community.

We are a social network community of oil painters where classical, traditional style of painting is our focus. Within that scope, artists can share new paintings, works in progress, techniques, tips, mediums, materials etc. with fellow artists. Any style of painting outside of those parameters are subject to removal by the administrators, including videos, demos, pictures etc.

Our Community Network is a place to share ideas, philosophies and oil painting methods among aspiring artists and professional artists alike.

We have over 20 forums to choose from with a variety of subject matter, Something for everyone.

Please read the RULES Before posting in the forums.

 Head over to What’s on your easel and post the painting you are currently working on. Also check out our Oily Rag cafe forum if you just want to connect and chat with fellow artists about something other than art.

You have your own profile page to personalize. Click on your profile and click edit~ upload a profile pic, a cover photo of your artwork and pics of your paintings into albums. 

Fill out your ‘About me’ info and add your website.

Our site is still brand new, we launched our community website in October 2020. We still have lots of work to do to fine-tune and make it as user friendly as possible.

We are in the process of building a reference image library. Each image has a downloadable link below it. Do check back later for updated images.

We are currently filming and producing tutorials and will have them available in the near future. 

Do check out our free video tutorials.

Let’s have some fun and grow as artists!!

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