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  • Mike

    January 14, 2021 at 8:50 am

    I have just completed, two weeks ago, an oil 16×20 that required more from me than anything else I’ve done in a while. After completion I felt mentally weary. Similarly, my wife has felt this way after completing her sort of marathon work, and when she gets on a mental steam engine roll, I stay out of the way. We each notice that the other may need coffee or tea brought to us, but otherwise, “keep out of my space”! Thus, we seem to all have this experience of tiredness and/or reluctance to dive back into the work. After 20+ years of personal production, I decided some time ago that our minds need a complete down time much the same as does a race horse. We’re not machines, so we may as well enjoy the down time doing something that “delights” our mentality. Sometimes it’s cooking. Sometimes it’s cleaning up the studio. Sometimes it’s a walk down by the river or visiting friends. Whatever this is, our minds and bodies seem to know better than we do what the necessities for happiness and inner readiness require. Not to present a cliche, take time to smell the roses, or the food as it cooks, or nature, or maybe each other if that works.