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News Feed Forums Whats on your easel? Work in progress Reply To: Work in progress

  • Mike

    November 1, 2020 at 10:25 am

    In addition to your underpaintings, I’m always in favor of watching progress as it occurs all the way from first sketch into the finished final brush stroke. You have begun nicely on the rocky stream’s perspective. I’m wondering to where will it lead? You have already composed what’s in-focus, what’s out of focus; and what’s in-shadow and not in shadow areas to a point that I’m delighted to be able to look beyond the tree in the foreground to where I focus on the rocks.

    I’ve spent years looking intently at the river that flows just beyond our house, and at it’s rocks with my intention to paint it right! Sometimes I take a completed canvas back to the scene from where I first saw it. Then I get ruthlessly critical (on myself) just to make sure my personal interpretation follows reality. This is a must no matter if I paint loosely or with fine detail. I’ll anticipate your final brush stroke as well.🙂