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  • Mike

    October 31, 2020 at 5:50 am

    I was thinking this morning (me thinking is scary in itself), anyway, throughout my design career, I never had to give “rules” much thought; I just started drawing. Looking back at some of those original pages and examining how we might recognize the rules naturally used in the process, I totally agree that my better compositions always adhered directly one rule or another.

    I am by nature a rule breaker. I like apple pie for breakfast. Chocolate cake is good too! Painting outside the box thus fractilizes the rule’s boundaries, and just maybe leads us into an unexpected wonderland of brush made creation.

    My mother tinted B&W photo-portraits using Q-tips, no brush work. They were/are excellent. I’ll continue to use my Rosemary brushes for oils, but someday I’m also going to grab a piece of cake for breakfast and then go into my studio and attempt to break some other composition rules as well. 🙃