How to paint a still life

Learn to paint apples and leaves on a branch. Naomi takes you through tinting a canvas/panel, drawing the still life and mixing colors.  You'll learn how to improvise when your still life starts to shrivel up.  She takes you through the blocking in, the next layer and then finally the final touches. Follow along as Naomi takes you through each stage of the painting. There is a downloadable photo of this still life or you can use the same techniques to paint your own still life.

Naomi · December 15, 2016

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This course is for the absolute beginner. I cover Materials ~ Paints, canvas, and brushes. You will learn various brush strokes. Color mixing. How to layer a painting starting with the underpainting, first application of color and a final layer of paint and adding details.

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I'm a self taught oil painter

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